Grater's Cones for the Cure a benefit for The Cure Starts Now

DIPG Warrior Addison

Graeter's Cones for the Cure is about more than just ice cream. Your support makes a difference for kids fighting cancer by helping to fund groundbreaking research. Each of our Cones Ambassador Warriors has their own story to tell about their battle and how much your support means to them.


Addison is a spunky and sweet ray of sunshine. She is just like any other normal 10-year-old with one exception, she is fighting for her life. At just 6-years-old, she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), a rare and inoperable brain tumor that currently has no cure, on March 5, 2019. What was just a sudden inward-turned eye and a few headaches turned into the Varns’ worst nightmare.

At the time of diagnosis, the prognosis was 9-18 months. Addison just celebrated 42 months post-diagnosis. To say she has fought with all her might to get here is an understatement. She has gone through 62 sessions of radiation, unsedated, participated in three research clinical trials, countless pricks and lab draws, numerous brain and spine MRIs, unsedated, and still continues to go to school every day and maintains all A's and B's.

Through all of it, she has remained positive and optimistic knowing that God is stronger than these “stupid tumors.” Her family is praying so hard for a miracle and has spent the last 42 months trying to live their best days ever. Addison has so much more life to live. Who would have thought that enjoying a cone of ice cream could help save her and so many other children’s lives?

About The Cure Starts Now:
The Cure Starts Now represents something truly different – a grassroots effort dedicated to, not just fighting one cancer, but the elimination of ALL cancers.

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Elena's Blueberry Pie

In 2008, in support of The Cure Starts Now, Graeter’s ice cream auctioned off a once in a lifetime chance to create your own flavor. The winners of the auction worked with Graeter's to help develop a flavor to honor Elena Desserich, the inspiration for The Cure Starts Now. Now a Limited Edition seasonal flavor, Elena's Blueberry Pie honors the memories of all young lives affected by pediatric cancer and supports The Cure Starts Now's mission to find the Homerun Cure for all cancers.


Share photos of your family enjoying Elena's Blueberry Pie with #conesforthecure!

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